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Acquire / operate an exceptional hotel resort project (3 hotels, 50 - 200 rooms) in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

Preis: 15.000.000,00 €(Verhandlungsbasis)

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ca. 76.000,00 m²
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RCM Hotel-Consulting GmbH & Co. KG
Herr Johann Landlinger
Am Reiserfeld 11
94072 Bad Füssing
Telefon: 08531 / 981227
Telefax: 08531 / 981228


Dieses RCM-Hotelangebot richtet sich direkt an interessierte Übernehmer. Immobilien-Vermittlern ist es nicht gestattet, dieses Angebot weiterzugeben. Hierzu ist eine vorherige Genehmigung der RCM erforderlich. Dazu benötigt die RCM vorab die schriftliche Benennung des konkreten Interessenten/Angebotsempfängers mit Postanschrift und Kommunikationsdaten (Kundenschutz wird zugesagt).


This exceptional resort project was developed by the initiators in a location in the southern Palatinate that is well supported by local infrastructure. Industrial areas such as Mannheim and Ludwigshafen are close by, as is the urban area of Frankfurt am Main and popular tourist destinations such as Heidelberg, Worms and Speyer. The site, however, combines rest and relaxation with exciting entertainment and variety. As well as an abundance of attractions in the region, a particular highlight is also the proximity of a popular, ever-growing leisure park. The project has taken maximum advantage of all that the site has to offer.


The following have been realised:
- a 4* “family and leisure hotel” with 200 rooms
- a high-quality sports, diving and conference hotel with around 50 or more rooms
- a “Western hotel” with a flexible number of log cabins and other accommodation
- a meeting and congress area with around 600 seats
- extensive wellness facilities and a variety of restaurants
- a diving lake unique within 600km with training facilities


Planning laws for the resort have been substantiated and the initiators have secured the plot. They now have the chance to operate one or all of the hotels, be involved as investors, participate in the project or take it over themselves. The project can begin shortly. Take the opportunity to play a part in a site with great potential within a highly promising, unique concept. The project has also been well received by the public.

Acquisition options

There are many different ways to become involved in, or take on, the project not least because the project is in the planning phase. The project initiators are pursuing the irrevocable goal of completing the project. They would like to offer those who are interested different ways of being involved in the project, playing a part in it or taking it over:

- Operators
The project initiators would prefer for the hotels to be operated by a well-known, professional market participant who would secure the long-term future of the hotels via a lease agreement. The conditions of the lease agreement have not yet been finalised and will depend of the type and scale of the project. The operator can play an active part in this.

- Investors (Purchase of the developed facilities)
There is an option to purchase the completed resort as part of a fixed operator agreement. This is to be concluded with an agreed operator or the project initiators, who have a specialist background, can operator the resort themselves. According to their designs and calculations the resort could be purchased at a price of between €120 million and €130 million.

- Purchase of the project (at current planning status)
It would be possible to purchase the project and then complete the resort and operate it oneself or contract out the operation. As well as the idea of the project, the purchase includes the plot of land as well as the existing planning rights (valid planning application, submitted outline planning application, planning permission where applicable). The price for the project is €15 million.

- Co-investors
The project initiators would also like to offer the opportunity to be involved in the project. The level and extent of the involvement are negotiable.


The services of RCM are free of commission for the transferee.


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