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Your object of desire! Extraordinary luxury: Floating home on the Wannsee-Lake

Preis: 448.000,00 €(Verhandlungsbasis)

Vista of panorama 
Vista of panorama
Here you come to rest!
Here you know how to live
... like being in vacation
Floating Home
Exterior view
Living/Eating area
Ligthting: Living-/Eating area
Livingroom (fully glazed)
Living/Eating area with way to the roofterrace
Ligthing: Living/Eating area
Livingroom: settee
TV set in livingroom
Living/Eating area
Steering stand
Steering stand
Data plate
Steering stand
Views on instruments of steering stand
Panoramic view
Eating area
Eating area
Living/Eating area
Living/Eating area
Fitted kitchen
Fitted kitchhen
Livingroom + stairs to terrace
Illuminated kitchen
Access to roof terrace
Roof terrace with stairs down to livingroom
Shutter of staiscase
Closed stairscase to roof terrace
Roof terrace exterrior lights + energy column
Roof terrace
Roof terrace
Romantic enjoyment
Roof terrace
This is romantic lifestyle
Roof terrace
Floating Home from outside
Sleeping room with electric cartains
Sleeping room with walk-in wardrobe
Bottom access to socket
Sleeping room equipped with elec curtains
Walk-in wardrobe
Walk-in wardrobe
Technical area
Entrance to sauna
Sauna with heater
Sauna with benches
Sensor controlled water top
WC (control board)
Control board of WC
Container for toiletpaper
Separat WC with washbasin
cable for shore power
Exterior camera
Underfloor heating controller
Privacy shield controller
Door handle
Hatch to drawl space
Storage in crawl space
Techical area in crawl space
Storage in crawl space
Technical equipment in crawl space
Technical equipment in crawl space
Technical equipment in crawl space
Technical equipment in crawl space
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ca. 44,00 m²
Kontaktdaten des Inserenten
Immobilien Hensel GmbH
Frau Astrid Hensel
Attilastr. 76
12247 Berlin
Telefon: 030 774 30 63
Telefax: 030 774 92 47


Herewith we offer you a houseboat equipped with the very finest luxury. Virtually it’s a 2-room-luxury-home with a huge roof garden. At our first viewing we couldn’t or rather we didn’t wish to leave this object because we felt so comfortable there. And really you can believe us that we’ve seen a lot of very impressive objects.

Coming from the jetty you enter the nearly fully glazed but also with privacy provided living room equipped with an open luxurious kitchen. From the living room you reach over a stair the roof garden or on the same level the bathroom, the sauna and the sleeping room with a large glass front equipped with electric curtains. From the sleeping room you can enter the walk-in wardrobe.


Dimensions: Length: 13.80 m/45.28 ft.; Width: 5.05 m/16.57 ft.; Depth ca. 1,-- m/3.28 ft.; Deck height over waterline: ca 90 cm/3 ft.

Manufacturer: Schaaf Bootsmanufactur

Motorization: Permanently installed LOMBARDINI marine diesel, 87 PS/64 kW/85.76 hp, bow and stern thruster; depth instrument.

Power supply: from outside via cable with shore power, battery system and 2 alternators for charging

Tanks: Fresh water: 800 liters/176 UK gal.; sewage tank: 800 liters/176 UK gal.;

Diesel: 300 liters/66 UK gal.; heating oil: 600 liters/132 UK gal.

Water supply: Fresh water can be provided from shore side. Furthermore there is a water preparation system with desalination which guarantees a permanent fresh-water-supply.

Heating: Under-floor heating system with condensing boiler (oil); thermostat in living and sleeping room

Media technology: Sound system: SONOS for living and sleeping room, bathroom and Sauna

TV-system: Self-aligning satellite system with TV-flat-screens

Internet: Self sufficient with own LTE-router (own WiFi en route)

Alarm system: Sensor-controlled monitoring and alarm system with video surveillance and access via Internet

Technical supervision: The heating system is sensor-controlled with SMS report in case of malfunction

Outdoor cameras: 1 rear camera for the rear monitoring (comparable to the car interior mirror), 1 starboard camera (comparable to the right exterior mirror), 1 rearview camera for reversing and berthing

Room layout: 1 living room with fully equipped open kitchen, 1 sleeping room with walk-in wardrobe, 1 bathroom with shower and sauna, 1 WC with bidet, corridor, ca. 50 m²/538.2 sqft rooftop terrace, front terrace with the steering stand ca. 12 m²/129.2 sqft, rear terrace ca. 3.5 m²/37.67 sqft. Ceiling height: ca. 2.40 m/94.5 “; walls: smooth plastering, floor level glazing completely opaque with white vertical privacy shield curtains. Flooring: natural oak parquet or tiles in wet areas. Crawl Space: height up to ca. 75 cm/29.5” with all technical equipment and installations, bilge pumps and washing machine connection.

Bathroom equipment: Bath elements by Kohler: Walk-in shower with rain-shower, speakers and hand-shower; washbasin with sensor-controlled mixer and illuminated mirror as well with cabinet with 2 drawers; hanging toilet with contactless flush with bidet and seat heating (TOTO washlet)

Sauna: Electrical heater with comprehensive control, LED-color light-sauna and lying and sitting benches.

Illumination: Interior: LED lights in all rooms excepted Sauna, covered lighting, LED- color light in the sauna. Exterior: LED spot installation on front and rear terraces as well on the lateral surfaces.

Hull: The hull has the form of a pontoon and is aluminum made that means it can’t rust and hence it’s not necessary to sand and paint it yearly. This ease of care is a huge benefit! The pontoon form of the hull brings the enormous benefit that there is a very huge storeroom. It houses the tanks, the engine, the generator, the heating, the water preparation plant and all the other things, therefore you need a cellar.

Deck/rooftop terrace: ca. 50 m²/538.2 sqft. The flooring is made of indestructible Bankirai wood. The railing can be folded down in order to minimize the bridge clearance. Otherwise there are the beautiful seating group and the foldable and self-aligning satellite system.

In accordance with the manufacturers instructions is there enough space for 25 persons and while driving 10 passengers are allowed.

Bodensee permission: No

Floating homes that’s the new lifestyle! In previous times almost only artists and performers were living in house boats! However since 5 years the community of individualists, living in with every conceivable luxury equipped Floating Houses, is growing so rapidly that even towns like Hamburg, Berlin, Paris and London decided to follow this trend in their newest city project designs.

While in earlier times houseboats were use almost in summertime the new technical progress facilitates it to use these so beautiful and so romantic domiciles all over the year. The winter resistance is achieved with an excellent thermal insulation connected with a very efficient oil heating plant, which provides the flooring with snugness. And what is nicer as to be kissed awake by the sunshine through the floor level windows, as to feel the nature’s pulsing and to get your fish meal directly fresh out the water to your plate! While a normal house is static – so it is immobile- you can travel with your Floating House. For this you need a driving license for sport boats and of course a conscientious rout planning which pays attention for the bridge clearance of 4 m/13.12 ft. in accordance with the actual law all houseboats up to a length of less as 25 m/82 ft are sport boats and for boats up to a length of less as 15 m/49 ft only a normal driving license is required.

Because Floating house is not immobile, you can save taxpaying herewith and hence the Real Estate Transfer Tax and the annual Property Tax are inapplicable of course.

Another aspect for the acquisition of a house boat is the rental business. There are some agencies which rent out these houseboats even in the winter e.g. in the Pommeranian Peene mouth near Köslin or on frozen lakes to for the owners very fine conditions. The weekly renting prices are between 1,200.-- € and 3,000.-- € depending of the equipment.


On the Large Wannsee in Berlin-Wannsee. This berth is located in one of the most beautiful and most classy marinas! Here you can find amongst other several Riva-boats, several Mega Yachts as well normal sailboats. The neighbors are very affable, they greet each other! And as well everything is very discrete! Here you find beside your berth the well-feeling in your well-deserved leisure. This Floating home is located at the top of the landing stage, so you are able to view from your bed over the whole Wannsee up to the Wannsee-Lido. What kind of vista you got!

Miscellaneous / Revocation

An exposé can give only the first impression of an object. Not every day you opt for a new home. So let us inspect it together this home. Please call our office in order to make an appointment for the viewing.
Please arrange an individual appointment under +49(0)30-774 30 63


  • Ausblick: Seeblick
  • Balkon/Terrasse: Dachterrasse, Terrasse
  • derzeitige Nutzung: frei
  • Energieträger: Öl
  • Heizungsart: Fußbodenheizung
  • Küche: Einbauküche
  • Sanitär: Bad mit Dusche, Bidet
  • Sicherheitstechnik: Alarmanlage
  • Stellplatz: Stellplatz
  • Wellness: Sauna
  • Zustand: gehoben, gepflegt, luxuriös, neuwertig


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